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We’ve made it easy for you to access endless info on First Amendment liberties. Click the links below.


Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America – First Liberty Institute’s compilation of hundreds of key court cases affecting religious liberty.

State of the First Amendment Report (2018) – Freedom Forum Institute

Establishment Clause

The First Amendment has two religious liberties clauses, the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause. The Establishment Clause dictates that the government will not put in place a national religion nor will it interfere with a private citizen’s creation of a religious establishment.

Reclaiming Religious Liberty by Restoring the Original Meaning of the Establishment Clause – Ken Klukowski, Heritage


The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America Report (2017) – CATO Institute

Americans Favor Protecting Information Over Government Steps to Restrict False News Online (2018) – Pew Research Center

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