5 Everyday Americans Who Lost Their Jobs. Help Us Win Their Cases.

September 29, 2023
First Liberty Insider | Fight and Win for 5 Everyday Americans

by Jorge Gomez  • 5 min read

Our Supreme Court victory in our Faithful Carrier case, Groff v. DeJoy, continues to have a positive impact for religious liberty across the country.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cited the precedent set in Groff in a recent religious discrimination lawsuit against Hank’s Furniture, an Arkansas-based retail chain with stores in four states. The EEOC argues that the company violated federal law by refusing to accommodate the sincerely held religious beliefs of an assistant store manager in Pensacola, Florida and then firing her. This is the latest example showing how crucial Groff will be in winning religious accommodation claims.

Nonetheless, there’s still a lot of work ahead to make sure the courts, government employers and companies comply with the Supreme Court’s direction. The fight for religious freedom in the workplace is far from over.

First Liberty is still in the thick of multiple religious-discrimination battles. Many of our clients are fighting right now because they were forced to choose between their faith and their livelihood. They need your ongoing support:

Headshot Hittle | First Liberty Insider

Fire Chief Ron Hittle, fired by the City of Stockton, California for attending a leadership conference held at a church.

Headshot Kloosterman | First Liberty Insider

Valerie Kloosterman, fired by University of Michigan Health for seeking a religious accommodation from using biology-obscuring pronouns and referring patients for “gender reassignment” drugs.

Headshot Strader | First Liberty Insider

Robyn Strader, fired from CVS MinuteClinic because of her beliefs about when life begins.

Headshot Varkey | First Liberty Insider

Dr. Johnson Varkey, fired from St. Philip’s College for teaching basic biology and saying that sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes.

Headshot Lacey | First Liberty Insider

Lacey Smith, fired by Alaska Airlines for expressing her religious views and respectfully asking questions about the company’s support for the Equality Act.

Most of these cases are pending in federal court and fighting them requires tremendous resources. Woke corporations and government entities have huge war chests and millions at their disposal to drag on these fights with their former employees.

Here’s the bottom line: The only way First Liberty can take on woke corporate America is with your continued support.

Valerie, Robyn, Johnson, Lacey and Ron can’t do it alone. They need your help. Thanks to you, they get the best legal representation from ELITE staff and volunteer attorneys from the top firms in America. Even better, none of our clients will ever see a legal bill.

We’ve shown you that with God’s favor, we can win against huge opponents at the highest level:

  • We beat the U.S. Postal Service in Gerald Groff’s case.
  • We beat the state of Maine in our Treat Children Fairly case.
  • We beat the Bremerton School District in Washington in our Coach Kennedy case.

All of these were U.S. Supreme Court victories that set major precedents. So, will you help us continue the winning streak?

WE NEED TO WIN THESE FIVE CASES. Each of these could impact countless everyday American workers—like YOU, your children and your grandchildren. Think how many people of faith in our country are facing religious discrimination in this hostile cancel culture. We could have an enormous impact for religious liberty in the workplace.

We’re winning big. But our work is not done. Our opponents and the enemies of faith are realizing that we are gaining ground and invading their territory. And the more we win, the more we see them doubling down their attacks.

This is not the time to pull back. Religious liberty still faces serious challenges. It’s the time to keep fighting—and we need YOU in our corner.

The Battle Is Not Over | First Liberty Insider

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