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April 5, 2024
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Video: A First Look at What’s Going at First Liberty in April

Here’s a quick update from President and CEO Kelly Shackelford on what’s happening at First Liberty this month.

He discusses cases we’re about to launch, plus some great resources we’re making available for this important election season. Watch below:

Arizona Border City Lacks A Food Bank, Punishes Church for Feeding The Hungry

Attorney Camille Varone published an op-ed at the Arizona Central discussing our case with Pastor Jose Castro and Gethsemani Baptist Church. She writes:

“The Arizona border city of San Luis strong-armed a church into pausing a food ministry it had done for the better part of its 25-year existence…Cities may not pick winners and losers under their zoning codes, and they certainly may not target their ire at religious charities. Federal law and the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause dictate otherwise. Sadly, we see a pattern of city officials behaving as petty tyrants by imposing unlawful burdens under the mantel of their zoning authority.”

Lessons from the Early Church

Dr. Stephen Presley, Senior Fellow at the Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy, wrote an article for Outreach Magazine discussing his new book, “Cultural Sanctification: Engaging the World Like the Early Church.” He writes:

“While Christians have always embraced dual citizenship as they await the coming of the Son, pagans held fast to an immanent religiosity where glory in this life alone was their only hope…In this cultural morass, the early church can show us that through patience and careful cultural discernment, we can navigate the torrents of modern culture.”

In case you missed it, watch this First Liberty Live episode featuring Dr. Presley:

 Dr. Presley’s book is available on Amazon for purchase.

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