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July 7, 2023
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A weekly roundup of important headlines and exciting things happening at First Liberty.

Important Hearing in Arkansas Ten Commandments Case

Please pray for attorneys Lea Patterson, Hiram Sasser and David Hacker. They will be at a federal court hearing this week in our Arkansas Ten Commandments case.

Earlier this year, First Liberty and the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office filed a motion for summary judgment urging a federal court to reject lawsuits filed by The Satanic Temple, Freedom from Religion Foundation, American Humanist Association and the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. These groups are challenging the constitutionality of the monument, which sits alongside many other monuments on the grounds of the Arkansas state capitol.

We’re asking the court to uphold the monument. We argue that publicly displaying the Ten Commandments is consistent with longstanding tradition recognizing its historical significance as one of the foundations of our legal system. The U.S. Supreme Court in our own Bladensburg Peace Cross case made clear that there is a “strong presumption of constitutionality” for monuments, symbols, and practices that recognize religion’s important contribution to American society.

Learn more about this case here.

First Look: Kelly Shackelford Shares What’s Happening at First Liberty This July

Watch a special message from our President, CEO and Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford. He explains more about the recent landmark Supreme Court victory in our Faithful Carrier case, as well as the total nine wins we’ve had at the Supreme Court over the past five years.

Kelly also shares some of the upcoming events and exciting things going on at the organization this month. Watch below:

Mark Your Calendar: July 13 Unveiling of 2023 Religious Liberty in the States Index

The Center for Religion Culture and Democracy (CRCD) will be unveiling the results of the 2023 Religious Liberty in the States Index on Thursday, July 13!

The CRCD will be livestreaming that day to give you a preview of this year’s “Power Rankings,” which include the top states with the most religious freedom protections. Watch the livestream below:

Shaftesbury Fellows Travel to Boston

Our Shaftesbury Fellows took a trip to Boston this week as part of their summer program with the Center for Religion Culture and Democracy. They participated in a reading seminar in one of our country’s most historic settings and had an incredible opportunity to explore the city.

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