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March 1, 2024
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Jeremy Dys and Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon on Fox News @ Night

Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys—along with Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon—appeared on Fox News discussing Big Tech’s abuse of vague policies to silence free speech and religious perspectives. Watch below:

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Moody v. NetChoice, LLC and NetChoice, LLC v. Paxton.

Those cases involve state laws in Texas and Florida that would increase transparency and accountability for Big Tech companies. The laws would require such companies to publish their user standards and then apply them fairly.

First Liberty filed a friend-of-the-court brief in those cases on behalf of satire site The Babylon Bee, as well as its sibling, Not the Bee, a Christian news website. Their content has been censored and shadow banned, which has led to decreased web traffic.

St. Louis Park Case Affirms: Religious Freedom is for All Minnesotans

Associate Counsel Kayla Toney—together with Renee Carlson, our volunteer attorney at True North Legal—wrote an op-ed for the Star Tribune, discussing our recent victory for several devout Muslim families who immigrated from war-torn Somalia. Now, all families in the suburbs of Minneapolis will be able to opt their children out of sexually based materials being taught in English classes in the St. Louis Park Public School District.

They write:

America is a pluralistic society where people of any faith are free to practice their religion in the way they see fit and raise their children according to their sincere religious beliefs. That’s why six Somali Muslim families in St. Louis Park decided to stand up for their faith and their children.

Thanks to these parents’ willingness to stand up for their religious beliefs and for their children, any parent can now request an opt-out for any reason. This means the protections of the First Amendment and Minnesota’s opt-out laws have become a reality for any parent who cares about what their child is learning in class. 

Senate Bill Violates First Amendment Before Violating Second Amendment

Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys wrote an op-ed for TownHall discussing a bill introduced by Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts that would infringe on Americans’ First and Second Amendment rights. Dys writes:

“The senators introduced S.3589. Their bill seeks ‘to prohibit unauthorized paramilitary activity.’ Whatever the senators mean by “paramilitary activity,” the scope of their bill sweeps in the good with the bad. 

Many churches have security teams in place, teams that often practice techniques to end an active shooter threat, drill worst case scenarios, and maintain a public patrol of the worship services, hoping to stop an active shooter before they can become a problem.

And, if they like hundreds of other similar security teams in houses of worship across the country, were to ‘publicly patrol, drill, or engage in techniques capable of causing bodily injury or death,’ they would run afoul of Sen. Markey’s legislation.”

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