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December 6, 2019
Undeniable: Faith on Trial in America |

by Jorge Gomez • 3 min read

Thanks to a string of historic victories we’ve achieved this year, you and I are experiencing more religious freedom than at any point in decades.

Yet, while many of us are enjoying the incredible blessing of our first freedom, there are still thousands of people of faith around the country facing unprecedented oppression, censorship, intimidation and legal threats.

In fact, the more victories we secure to reclaim our rights, the more brazen…bold…and relentless the enemies of religious liberty become in their attacks.

It’s not just clear…it’s UNDENIABLE that religious discrimination is alive and well in America.

Not only are there a greater number of attacks with each passing year, we see an exponential escalation in the intensity of those attacks, to the point where anti-faith activists are even threatening to strip away our religious liberty rights in our very own homes—the most sacred and protected legal space to live out our faith.

For those who remain in doubt, our expert legal team has updated one of our longest-running, useful and most trusted resources: Undeniable: Faith on Trial in America!

Enemies of religious liberty are declaring an ALL-OUT war on faith.

Will you go ALL IN with First Liberty to reclaim our First Freedom?

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Our most recent 2019 edition of this book presents a vast collection of incidents, cases, attacks and other verifiable proof of the chilling truth about hostility to religion in America. Delivered in brief, bite-size summaries, this resource documents over 1,400 violations showing how far opponents of faith are going to suppress religion in our society.

From schools, to sports fields, the military, houses of worship, faith-based ministries and even to senior living homes, no person of faith and no place appears to be safe from those who are waging an all-out war to erase religious expression.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security—faith is on trial in America, and the full-blown assault on your God-given rights and freedom is undeniable.

This book is the ultimate resource for you and anyone looking to prove that fact.

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