Military Meltdown? Political correctness turns into open hostility to religious liberty in America’s armed forces.

August 24, 2018

Anti-religious hostility and bias should not exist inside America’s military.

But today, service members and veterans are facing unprecedented attacks on their religious liberty. They are humiliated, assaulted, and even face the threat of having their careers ruined due to a growing hostility to religious expression – and some military leaders appear to have no qualms about the intolerance that’s happening under their command.

Like Chuck Roberson and Oscar Rodriguez, many of our nation’s service members have given a greater part of their lives to serving our country and defending our freedoms.

Unbelievably, they are now being denied the very freedoms for which they already fought and sacrificed.

That’s why today we’re asking you to show support for our service members, who sacrifice so greatly for the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. Join us as we fight to restore and affirm religious liberty inside America’s military.

SIGN THE PETITION: Stop “deep state” officials from ruining military careers.

Editor’s Note:

Recently, First Liberty client Chuck Roberson and his family suffered the devastating loss of their home, due to the wildfires that spread through Northern California.

First Liberty stands with our clients during the most difficult times. We are asking you to visit Chuck’s Go Fund Me page and consider giving to help his family get back on their feet.

Visit Chuck’s Go Fund Me page and help his family recover from the loss of their home.

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