An Encouraging Note from One of Our U.S. Navy SEAL Clients

February 2, 2024
Navy SEALs Letter | First Liberty Insider

by Jorge Gomez • 3 min read

One of our Navy SEAL clients recently sent us a letter of appreciation. We’re sharing it with you, so you can see the very real impact you have in the lives of our nation’s military warriors.

The note was addressed to Mike Berry, our Vice President of External Affairs, Director of Military Affairs and Senior Counsel. It came with a challenge coin representing what this Navy SEAL says is his “proudest achievement.”

First Liberty successfully represented and fought in court on behalf of 35 U.S. Navy SEALs whose careers and livelihoods were threatened. Why? For requesting religious accommodations to the military vaccine mandate. Alongside our volunteer attorneys at the law firm Hacker Stephens, our efforts led to Congress repealing the mandate, impacting not only our clients but countless service members.

Your generous support helped this Navy SEAL retire on his own terms. We hope his words bring you encouragement.


There are a few specific times in my life where I have seen God’s divine providence. You may not know this but I was originally supposed to be another law firm’s client along with the other SEALs who partook in his representation. However, when I met with him one-on-one he wanted to charge me something like $3000. My wife and I couldn’t afford that and figured if being kicked out of the Navy for our beliefs was inevitable, then we are going to need that $3000 plus whatever else he was going to charge us later.

After that meeting I felt a little bamboozled but not hopeless. Knowing that my stance was righteous, I had a peace and calmness and felt everything would work out according to God’s plan for me. A couple days later He vindicated that trust by bringing you and First Liberty into my life to be my shield and sword against Satan’s pursuit to destroy our freedoms and consequently my life.

I cannot thank you and First Liberty enough and words cannot express it. So I am sending you this coin that is very special to me. As a Multi Purpose Canine (MPC) handler, I felt the most fulfilled as a SEAL. It was my #1 goal and I loved it. Even better, after my canine, Largo, retired I was able to give him a home and a family. He is laying right beside me now as I write you, where he loves to be. He’s 14 ½ years old and just now slowing down. This coin is from my time in the dog platoon and represents my proudest achievement and time as a SEAL.  

I hope you see this as a great honor, as it was an even greater honor to be blessed with you and the team to fight for freedoms. It’s easy for me to see that this specific time in my life was a result of God’s divine providence. It was an honor.

[Name withheld]

Navy SEAL #5 

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