Nov. 29 Federal Appeals Court Argument Coming Up

November 10, 2023
Nov. 29 Federal Appeals Court Argument | First Liberty Insider

by Mia Gradick  • 4 min read

We have a major court date coming up. This is a big case that could impact religious Americans at work. The argument is right around the corner.

We’ll be in federal appeals court on November 29. We’ll argue for our client, Rachel Spivack. She was wrongly fired because of her religious beliefs.

Rachel worked at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Her employer put in place a vaccine mandate, but her Orthodox Jewish faith prohibits her from receiving any vaccines.

So, Rachel requested a religious accommodation, which was allowed under her employer’s written policy.

Rachel’s request was denied after waiting almost seven months. Then, she was fired, because she wouldn’t violate her religious beliefs. Meanwhile, 11 other employees were allowed to keep working without being vaccinated.

What the DA’s office did to Rachel is wrong. And it’s unconstitutional. This discrimination and unfair treatment is illegal. It must stop. That’s why Rachel’s case is so important.

Far too many Americans have lost their jobs because of their religious beliefs. Just last year, we won a landmark Supreme Court case (Groff v. DeJoy) fortifying protections for religious people at work. It made clear to employers: Religious accommodation is not a suggestion, it’s an obligation under the law.

No American should be punished or fired for working in a manner consistent with their religious beliefs. Winning this case could impact countless government employees who were forced to choose between their faith and their livelihood. The outcome could protect you, your children and grandchildren, and every person of faith in the workplace.

In this critical time, we need your prayers.

  • Pray for Senior Counsel Lea Patterson, who will be arguing the case. In the coming days, your prayers will supply Lea with the necessary spiritual support.
  • Pray for the judges who will hear this case. Please pray for their wisdom and discernment.

This argument is only a couple weeks away. Our lawyers are devoting hours and hours to defending Rachel. Prepping a case for a federal court argument requires a tremendous amount of resources. As we get ready for this crucial court date, we need your continued financial support.

The good news? There’s hope. We’ve been here before. And thanks to you, we’ve won big.

We’ve shown you that with God’s favor, we can win against huge opponents at the highest level. In just the past two years, you helped us win three U.S. Supreme Court cases with major precedents.

So, will you help us continue the winning streak with your financial support? Think how many people of faith in our country like Rachel are facing religious discrimination in this hostile cancel culture.

This is not the time to pull back. Rachel is counting on us. Don’t let her fight this alone. She needs your support. Please support First Liberty with a gift today.

The Battle Is Not Over | First Liberty Insider

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