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Taking the Oath | First Liberty

Inside Look: Matthew Kacsmaryk Sworn In to the Federal Bench By Fifth Circuit Judge, James C. Ho

July 5, 2019

Get a first-hand look at our very own Matthew Kacsmaryk taking the oath to become a federal district court judge. Also, learn more about how the current administration’s record confirmations have led to judges committed to protecting religious liberty at every level of the federal judiciary.

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Religious Freedom | First Liberty

Why Religious Freedom is Good for Business – And Your Wallet

July 5, 2019

Research shows that in countries and societies who protect and foster religious freedom, people’s lives become better—as do their businesses and their wallets.

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The Future of Religious Freedom | First Liberty

Exclusive Interview: Kelly Shackelford’s Expert Insight on the Supreme Court and the Future of Religious Liberty

June 28, 2019

We won and we won BIG. But many of our opponents are trying to belittle the Supreme Court’s decision saving the Bladensburg Peace Cross. Kelly Shackelford gives an in-depth analysis of why this is, without question, a landmark and precedent-setting victory for religious liberty.

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Fresh Start for Sweet Cakes | First Liberty

Fresh Start For Sweet Cakes: Why the Supreme Court’s “GVR” Action Is A Big Victory for Melissa Klein

June 28, 2019

Winning at the U.S. Supreme Court isn’t just limited to presenting oral argument and receiving a favorable ruling. In many religious freedom cases, the Justices make use of the GVR, a lesser-known legal action that gives our legal team a second opportunity to fight for a final victory.

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Legal-Ease - The Free Exercise Clause | First Liberty

MUST WATCH: Lathan Watts Clarifies the “Free Exercise” Clause

June 28, 2019

Most Americans have been told that religion doesn’t belong in public, or that you can only worship within the walls of your church. In this exclusive video, FLI’s Director of Legal Communications, Lathan Watts, tells you the real way to interpret and apply the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

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We Just Made History | First Liberty

The Biggest Week: Two Major Supreme Court Victories That Will Usher A New Era Of Religious Liberty

June 21, 2019

In my 30 years defending religious liberty I’ve witnessed and been a part of major victories and to the cause of our first freedom. But it is no exaggeration to say that the next week could be the biggest and most momentous of my entire career.

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