Are We Witnessing the Start of a New Revival?

September 8, 2023
The Start of a New Revival | First Liberty Insider

by Jorge Gomez • 3 min read

Exciting news! Our First Freedom Challenge was a huge success. On Sept. 1, people all across the country joined us and lived out their faith. Countless Americans celebrated Coach Joe Kennedy’s first game back in Bremerton High School by kneeling in prayer at their local stadiums and communities.

Here’s how you and faithful supporters in every corner of the country came together to make Sept. 1 a historic night of prayer:

Revival Coming? This is Only the Beginning

Everyone should be tremendously encouraged by what we witnessed on Sept. 1. But this is just the start of the movement to restore faith in America.

The First Freedom Challenge is one of many new doors God is opening for all Americans to express their beliefs. And the football field is by no means the “end zone” of religious freedom. The right to live out our faith is not limited to one game during the season. In fact, it extends well beyond high school football players, coaches, teachers or fans.

Thanks to Coach Kennedy’s victory at the Supreme Court—as well as the landmark wins in our Bladensburg Peace Cross, Treat Children Fairly and Faithful Carrier cases—every person now has more religious freedom than they’ve had in 50 years. Our rights are being restored in virtually every area of our lives: from the military, to our children’s schools, houses of worship, charities, businesses and the marketplace, as well as our local veterans’ memorials and neighborhoods.

This means “In God We Trust” can be put back in public schools. Chaplains of all faiths can open courtroom sessions with a prayer. Crosses and Ten Commandments monuments can be restored and displayed on public land. Religious schools and ministries can access public resources and benefits equally with other organizations. And these are only a handful of examples.

Simply put: God is at work. The Supreme Court victories He orchestrated are having an enormous impact. There’s no denying it. And the best part? We’re only at the beginning. This isn’t where the story ends. God isn’t finished.

We are being blessed with special opportunities to impact the future—and it’s up to us to seize them. We could soon see a revival happen. The question for us is: will we be the spark that ignites it?

This is a new dawn for religious freedom in America. With this renewed hope, we are encouraging you—your family, friends, and everyone you know—to become a part of this unique movement with First Liberty. You can play a unique role in putting religious expression back where it rightfully and legally belongs.

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