Survey Results: Here’s What You and Other FLI Insiders Think About Cancel Culture

August 21, 2020
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by Jorge Gomez & Megan Moses• 3 min read

First Liberty recently surveyed our Insiders to get your thoughts on the ever-increasing “Cancel Culture” and how opponents of religious freedom are silencing the voices of the faithful—like YOU—all across America.

Because of this growing intolerance and hostility, we wanted to know if you felt pressure to self-censor or if you’ve felt intimidated about expressing your beliefs, or living out your faith. Our survey asked 5 questions about the impact of cancel culture in your life, work and faith, collecting insight from our Insider audience and our online followers.

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to take our “Cancel Culture” survey, we encourage you to take a couple minutes to let us know your thoughts. Click here to fill out the survey. >>

After receiving hundreds of responses, we’re eager to share the results with you. Below is the feedback we received from our FLI Insider survey:

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Not only did you and other FLI Insider subscribers voice your opinions about cancel culture, but our team also conducted the same survey for First Liberty’s growing army of supporters in our social media channels. Here are their responses:

8.17.2020 Fli Insider You Said It First Infographic 2 1200x630

Additionally, our survey results were complemented by an overwhelming number of positive comments from hundreds of online supporters.

In a recent First Feedback question, First Liberty asked: Do you think cancel culture pressures you to keep silent or hide your religious beliefs?

Looking at much of your feedback, we’re finding that people of faith in America are fighting back against the pressure of cancel culture. You and patriots all across the country are standing strong together to stop opponents from suppressing your voices or cancelling your constitutional freedoms. Here are several of your courageous responses:

Social Media Feed

Today’s “cancel culture” tolerates no dissent—making religious Americans its first target.

Don’t let this toxic ideology censor, silence or keep you from exercising your constitutional right to freely live out your faith.

Join us on the frontlines of this critical battle.

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