How the Left is Doubling Down and Advancing Their Scheme to Rig the Judiciary

July 16, 2021
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by Liberty McArtor • 5 min read

Of all the threats to our constitutional freedoms today, the scheme to pack the Supreme Court is arguably the most dire. If our judicial system is rigged to favor partisan political agendas, our fundamental rights will essentially lose all protection.

And make no mistake, the court-packing posse is staying active, taking every opportunity to advance their scheme and deceive Americans that their plan to stack the judiciary for political gain makes sense.

Recent Supreme Court Decisions Add Fuel to Court-Packing Fire

For those looking to advance a radical political agenda, packing the court has always been about getting around decisions they don’t like. This became evident based on the sharp criticism of leaders on one side of the political aisle to recent Supreme Court decisions—including two rulings that were very favorable to religious liberty.

Following the Court’s last round of decisions for the 2020-21 term, delivered in late June, some Democratic senators increased their calls to pack the court with partisan justices—showing their blatant desire to grab more political power:

  • “We must expand the Supreme Court,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said in response to a decision upholding a voter law in Arizona.
  • Mondaire Jones (D-NY) was even more blunt following the Court’s final rulings for the term: “Expand the d*** court.”

This is exactly what First Liberty experts predicted would happen. Instead of an institution that serves to uphold the Constitution, proponents of court-packing view the Supreme Court as a tool they can manipulate in order to uphold their political agenda. Any ruling that doesn’t go their way provides one more excuse to advocate the addition of partisan justices.

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‘Neuter’ the Supreme Court?

Proponents of the Supreme Coup attempt include more strategies than just court packing. They want to reconfigure the judiciary from its very core—or “neuter” the Court by taking away its authority to rein in government overreach.

In addition to adding justices that will rubber stamp a political agenda, some also want to eradicate judicial review. In other words, if court-packing were not already enough of a threat to the constitutional system, they are advocating taking away the Supreme Court’s ability to strike down laws that are unconstitutional. For over 200 years, judicial review has made the Supreme Court the final check on legislative and executive power.

Stripping the Court of its judicial review power would be a dangerous step toward tyranny. Not only would it compromise the judiciary’s independence, but it would help the party in the majority consolidate power and ultimately threaten your most fundamental Constitutional rights, including religious liberty.

And this isn’t a far-off fantasy reserved for the pages of conspiracy blogs. In fact, the issue of discarding judicial review prevailed at the latest meeting of President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court Commission.

But this should come as no surprise. Every proposed “reform” is really part of an attempt to weaken America’s system of checks and balances so that the most radical factions in our nation can seize more power.

And while the Supreme Court Commission was allegedly formed to “study” various court reforms and then submit a report to the president, it’s been clear from the start that the “bipartisan” commission is simply a vehicle for the Coup.

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Americans MUST Step Up and Speak Up Now

Biden’s Court Reform Commission is accepting public comments regarding the issues at hand. In fact, their Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, which means the window of opportunity for Americans to voice their opposition is closing.

Recent polling shows that sixty-eight percent (68%) of Americans oppose court packing, including majorities of Republicans and Independents, and even a significant number of Democrats!

Imagine if these Americans—a coalition of patriots committed to the Constitution—joined together to speak up and oppose this Supreme Coup.

We’re encouraging patriotic Americans like you to flood the commission’s “public comment” and REJECT court packing and other dangerous “reforms.” Packing the Court and overthrowing our judicial system pose a grave danger to the constitutional freedoms of millions of Americans. A partisan judiciary will only lead our country down the destructive path to tyranny.

Saving our nation’s revered system of justice requires that Americans like you submit public comment to the commission. Will you make your voice heard before it’s too late?

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