First Liberty Secures Victory for Christmas Nativity Display Following City Discrimination

April 30, 2021
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by Liberty McArtor • 3 min read

After First Liberty’s recent victory to protect the right to gather for worship for an Orthodox Jewish congregation in Houston, TX, we’re happy to report another win for religious liberty.

This past week, our legal team successfully helped the Knights of Columbus reinstate a Christmas nativity display in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Christmas Comes Early for Knights of Columbus in Rehoboth Beach, DE

As early as the 1930s, a nativity scene was displayed in the public square of Rehoboth Beach as part of the community’s annual holiday tradition. The nativity scene, or crèche, as well as a Christmas tree, Santa’s house, and holiday lights, has been part of Christmas in Rehoboth Beach for a long time.

But despite being a longstanding tradition, in 2018, the City ordered that the crèche be removed from the town circle because of its religious nature.

First Liberty and our volunteer attorneys at Jones Day and at Morton, Valihura & Zerbato, LLC intervened by filing a lawsuit against the town in July of 2020.

Thankfully, town officials agreed this month to include a large free-standing crèche as part of the community’s Christmas display for the next two Christmas seasons.

“This is cause for celebration,” Roger Byron, Senior Counsel for First Liberty, said of the victory. “A free-standing crèche is once again part of the community’s holiday display. The Knights of Columbus is pleased to have helped bring about such an outstanding result.”

Thanks to You: For Helping Make Victories for Religious Freedom Happen

Whether it’s houses of worship like Heimish of Houston gathering to worship or religious groups like the Knights of Columbus setting up vibrant Christmas displays for their neighbors to enjoy, religious liberty has always been—and should continue to be—an essential part of American life.

And with your support, First Liberty can continue winning the legal battles that will set precedents to safeguard our constitutional rights not only today…but for future generations, our children and grandchildren.

You’re the one who is making a difference and is making First Liberty’s unparalleled record of success happen. Will you consider supporting our ongoing fight for religious freedom by making gift today?

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