Who Didn’t Get The Memo on Protecting Religious Liberty?

August 13, 2018

“This is about freedom.”

That short phrase sums up Kelly’s most recent interview with Fox News’ Shannon Bream, in which he discussed how the Department of Justice and its newly formed Religious Liberty Task Force will be taking steps to ensure that religious freedom is protected.

Recently, the D.O.J. held a Religious Liberty Summit in Washington, D.C., in which Congressional members and other national religious freedom experts – including First Liberty Institute – gathered to discuss First Amendment conscience protections for people of all faiths.

Learn more about the D.O.J’s religious freedom initiatives.

But although the D.O.J. is taking the lead, some federal agencies haven’t quite gotten up to speed. And that means many Americans and people of faith are getting the short end of the bargain, paying a dire price at the expense of their First Amendment freedoms.

Shortly after inauguration, President Trump issued an executive order in which he directed all executive agencies to vigorously enforce laws protecting religious liberty.

Late last year, we saw President Trump’s directive come to fruition when the Attorney General issued his 20 guidelines and key principles on protecting religious liberty. With the newest Religious Liberty Task Force, Attorney General Sessions continues to follow through with the President’s direction on defending and affirming our most fundamental liberty as Americans – religious freedom.

Learn more about what the Trump Administration is doing to protect religious liberty.

Right now, with President Trump and his administration being staunch defenders of religious liberty, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reaffirm and restore that freedom for millions of Americans.

With your support, First Liberty can make the most of this prime opportunity, as we have an opportunity we have never seen to advance religious liberty. By giving to First Liberty today, you are playing a key part in what is one of the most critical turning points in our country’s history.

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