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Attorney General Sessions: President Trump knows religious freedom is a right, not a policy preference

June 19, 2018

Our Founders recognized that religion and religious people play a key role in strengthening our society.  They feed the hungry, heal the sick, and comfort the grieving.  They teach right behavior and give meaning to life.  They are present at birth and at death.

That’s why the Founders gave the public expression of religious belief a triple protection in our Constitution by protecting the “free exercise” of religion—not just worship in secret—banning an established religion, and ensuring the freedom of speech.

Under President Donald Trump, the federal government is affirming these protections and the contribution that religious individuals make to this country.

Since his election, President Trump has been an unwavering defender of religious liberty.  He has promised that under a Trump administration, “the federal government will never, ever penalize any person for their protected religious beliefs.”

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