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Religious liberty is being attacked virtually everywhere. It’s clear opponents of freedom want to leave no safe space for people of faith. Whether it’s in our schools, houses of worship, nonprofits, charities, the military and even our local communities, our constitutional rights are under fire on all fronts.

To meet these rising threats to our First Freedom, First Liberty has redesigned and updated our full line of protection kits. Written by our team of elite attorneys and legal experts, these high-quality resources will equip you with the law and the facts, so that you’re ready to protect your rights wherever you live out your faith.

Plus, we’ve developed several NEW KITS for emerging battlefronts, including vaccine accommodations, rights of healthcare professionals and religious freedom in the workplace.

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Religious Liberty Protection Kit | First Liberty

Restoring Faith Protection Kit

Do you know that you can bring expressions of faith back to your community? Download this guide on how to restore faith in the public arena, education, houses of worship, the marketplace, the military, and the federal workplace.

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Military | Protection Kit

Military Protection Kit

Do you serve or have loved ones in the military? Download this kit to learn about what religious rights service members keep and read a special letter from counsel, Mike Berry about serving while religious.

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Vaccines | Protection Kit

Vaccine Protection Kit

In this kit, you’ll find the answers every person of faith needs to know when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines. First Liberty’s expert attorneys have also included actual sample letters and language to use for requesting a religious accommodation.

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Public Schools | Protection Kit

Public Schools Protection Kit

If your freedom is threatened at school, our protection kit explains what the law says and how to protect your right to express and live out your faith in the schoolhouse gates. (Spoiler alert: you may have a lot more freedom than you think!)

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Churches | Protection Kit

Houses of Worship Protection Kit

Running a church or house of worship? Use this handy kit to learn about the rights and protections that houses of worship have against government interference – and how you can live out the mission of your church.

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Healthcare Professionals | Protection Kit

Healthcare Professionals Protection Kit

Many healthcare professionals enter healthcare because they felt God called them to care for the sick. Unfortunately, the same convictions are frequently challenged in the healthcare field. Get this kit to protect your rights as a professional.
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Ministries | Protection Kit

Religious Ministries Protection Kit

How can religious nonprofits protect their right to operate according to their religious beliefs? Use this kit to find guidance so the nonprofit can maximize its freedom to run according to how they believe.

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Leaders of Faith | Protection Kit

For-Profit Business Leaders of Faith Protection Kit

This kit outlines your options if the government requires you to run your business in a way that violates your beliefs. Plus, you’ll find free sample religious accommodation request forms that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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Religious Schools | Protection Kit

Religious Schools Protection Kit

How can a religious school be proactive in protecting its legal right to operate according to its religious beliefs? What steps can be taken in order to protect the school today? Get this protection kit to know how to protect your religious school.

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Religious Employees | Protection Kit

Religious Employees Protection Kit

What can I do if my employer is requiring me to violate my religious beliefs on the job? Can I be required to attend diversity training if what it teaches violates my religious beliefs? Get this protection kit to answer these questions and more!

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