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Religious Liberty Issues

Protecting Religious Freedom in the Public Arena

Protecting the rights of all Americans to freely express their religious beliefs in public. 
February 10, 2016

First Liberty Institute defends people of all faiths who are facing legal retribution for expressing their religious beliefs in public. At First Liberty, we equip people with the knowledge they need to safeguard their rights, and are committed to restoring those rights when they are violated.

For the government to restrict a person’s religious expression to their home or house of worship violates both freedom of religion and freedom of speech, rights guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution. These rights have been upheld time and again by case precedent and federal and state laws.

In our fight to preserve religious freedom in the public arena, we specifically protect the following:

  • Religious speech in public locations
  • Public displays and monuments
  • Religious expression in the workplace for employees, employers, customers and vendors

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