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Military | First Liberty
VP Pence Says “The Bible Stays!” on POW/MIA Remembrance Display in New Hampshire
Watch this exclusive video of Vice President Mike Pence at The American Legion’s recent national convention directly referring to a First Liberty case. We’re defending a POW/MIA Remembrance display in a New Hampshire VA hospital that contains a family Bible donated by a WWII veteran.
Judicial | First Liberty
Newest Judicial Nominees Could Have Lasting Impact on Appeals Courts
With more than a dozen new judicial nominees in the pipeline, the Senate has an opportunity to keep the record rate of confirmations going strong. Learn why the latest round of the president’s nominees could have lasting impact on the makeup of America’s federal courts, especially in two liberal-leaning appeals courts.
Community | First Liberty
September 17th is Constitution Day – How Well Do You Know America’s Founding Document?
With Constitution Day fast approaching, take a minute to learn more about the history of this important day in American history. Then, put your knowledge to the test with our Constitution Quiz.
School | First Liberty
Kennedy Kicks Off: With a “Fresh Set of Downs” from the Supreme Court, We’re Ready to Win Coach Joe’s Case
As a retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant and Operation Desert Storm combat veteran, Coach Joe Kennedy is never one to back down from a fight. Now, with his case back at the district court for a second time, we’re ready to start moving the chains down the field toward final victory.
Community | First Liberty
Meet Trey Dimsdale, Newest Playmaker to Join First Liberty’s Elite Roster
In this exclusive one-on-one interview, Trey shares more about the importance of advancing religious freedom outside the courtroom, and the big plays he’s been drawing up to help First Liberty Institute continue growing as a national thought leader.
First Liberty | Meet Kelly Shackelford

Kelly Shackelford: 30 Years of Leading the Fight

“Everybody’s free to go do great things.”
If you’re around First Liberty for long, you’ll hear these words from Kelly Shackelford more than a few times. But to Kelly, this isn’t just an empty mantra. It’s the culmination of a lifelong mission, and a goal that still drives him forward to this day: the freedom to live out your faith.

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