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First Liberty is the largest non-profit legal firm in America solely dedicated to defending and protecting our most important civil liberty: religious freedom.

For over two decades, First Liberty has been at the forefront of some of the nation’s most critical cases, representing people of all faiths across four key areas: the U.S. military, schools, houses of worship and the public arena, including the workplace.

Currently, First Liberty is fighting a record number of cases that are headed toward the U.S. Supreme Court. Every victory that First Liberty achieves at the Supreme Court has a profound impact on the religious freedom of veterans, teachers, students, legislators, private business owners and private citizens – all who are taking a courageous stand to fight for their First Amendment rights.

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Jose Muniz and Todd Leibovitz Case

Jose Muniz and Todd Leibovitz

May 11, 2012

One evangelist arrested, another harassed and threatened with arrest for peacefully sharing faith on public sidewalks.

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Texas Pledge Case

Texas Pledge

October 13, 2010

‘Under God’ wording in Texas Pledge of Allegiance upheld by federal appeals court .

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Jim Allen Case

Jim Allen

February 11, 2010

First Liberty Institute leads rescue of American missionary arrested in Haiti.

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Balch Springs Case

January 21, 2004

First Liberty sued a the City of Balch Springs after it banned senior citizens from praying and participating in religious activity at senior center.

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