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127 More Doors for the Constitution and Religious Liberty?

The Trump administration has much more work ahead reshaping the federal courts, and First Liberty will offer vital analysis. April 21, 2017

Following in the footsteps of some of America’s finest intellects—from John Jay, to Joseph Story, to Antonin Scalia—Neil Gorsuch donned a black robe on April 7, 2017, joining eight other justices on a lifetime appointed bench to the nation’s highest Court. The Supreme Court vacancy, after the passing of the

10 Ways Hostility to Religious Freedom Has Hurt These Americans

Anyone who doesn’t think hostility toward religion in America is a problem should read this list now. From being fired to financially ruined, here are 10 ways hostility to religious freedom has affected First Liberty clients—everyday Americans like you. April 21, 2017

It’s easy to think about battles for religious freedom as strictly courtroom affairs. But when religious freedom is attacked, it has painfully real consequences in the lives of everyday Americans—honest, hardworking folks just like you. And those consequences take their toll long before courtroom arguments begin. Supreme Court Justice Samuel

Supreme Court Justice Says ‘Hostile’ Wind is Blowing Against Religious Freedom

Justice Samuel Alito made a rare public speech recently. All Americans should heed his warning. April 14, 2017

A Supreme Court Justice issued a rare and stark warning recently about the state of religious liberty in America. Speaking to a group of Catholic lawyers in March, Justice Samuel Alito said that “a wind is picking up that is hostile to those with traditional moral beliefs” based on faith.

First Liberty Institute Representing Mercer County Schools Seeking to Offer A Bible Course Elective Consistent with the Law

April 8, 2017

Mercer County, located in West Virginia, provides an elective, optional class about the Bible in nineteen of its public elementary, intermediate, and middle schools. On January 23, a lawsuit was filed against Mercer County Schools, claiming that the voluntary class on the Bible is unconstitutional. First Liberty Institute represents Mercer

ON CAPITOL HILL: First Liberty Testifies About Hostility Against Religious Students

First Liberty’s Ken Klukowski exposes hostility to religion on campuses before House subcommittee, and proposes remedies available to the Congress to restore basic rights. April 8, 2017

      Will this be the generation where free speech dies, especially free religious speech? Recently, faith-based groups have been banned from campuses after refusing to change their rules to allow those of no faith to hold offices in the club. And speakers from Jewish backgrounds have been shouted

With Col. Madrid Case, the Battle Continues for Military Religious Freedom

Defending military religious freedom is now more important than ever. March 31, 2017

Wednesday, when First Liberty stood before the media and announced their defense of Col. Michael A. Madrid, it was the latest step in a turnaround that began in 2012. Four years ago, many Americans observed the state of religious freedom in the military and considered it all but gone. And