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6 Attacks on Churches’ Religious Freedom

Offenses violating the religious freedom of churches are growing more frequent. Here are six examples of those offenses – and why our adversaries are wrong. July 21, 2016

First Liberty Institute recently declared victory after sending a demand letter to the Civil Rights Commission in Iowa, which attempted to control how churches could teach, preach, and operate. Cornerstone World Outreach, a church in Sioux City, Iowa, contacted First Liberty after the Commission issued a brochure stating that churches were


Here’s Why They’re Coming After Your Ministry, Church or Synagogue

Two law professors spill the beans on an intolerant agenda. July 21, 2016

By Christopher Corbett Are they coming after your house of worship or ministry? And who are “they?’ If you live in Iowa, up until two weeks ago “they” would have been your own state government, in the form of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, a body empowered to interpret, apply,


VICTORY! Iowa Officials Won’t Control Sermons

Iowa Civil Rights Commission agrees to First Liberty demand that churches remain free July 15, 2016

Last week, First Liberty Institute sent a demand letter on behalf of Cornerstone World Outreach Church to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (CRC), requesting they retract their policy as outlined in a brochure, “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity – A Public Accommodation Provider’s Guide to Iowa Law.” The brochure expressed

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Why Americans Should Focus on Court Victories in a Heated Election Year

July 15, 2016

In an election year when Americans who value religious freedom could justifiably feel waves of anxiety, it’s no time to panic. Instead, it’s a good time to redouble our focus on the most reliable ingredients to guarding our freedom. Consider that while elections are vital, politicians promise much and usually


State of Iowa Claims Right to Control How Churches Preach, Teach, and Operate Their Facilities—First Liberty Demands Exemption

July 7, 2016

In a move that First Liberty attorneys call a “massive violation” of the First Amendment, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (CRC) claims churches are generally not exempt from the state’s sexual orientation and gender identity law. The Iowa CRC requires places of public accommodation, which includes most churches, to: Allow patrons


Three Supreme Court Justices Warn of “Ominous Sign” in Rejection of Pharmacy Case

Denial to hear faith-based pharmacy case shows growing peril to religious freedom and need for intensified legal defense efforts July 7, 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to review the case of Stormans v. Wiesman, in which Washington state pharmacists challenged a regulation requiring them to sell abortion-inducing drugs. The pharmacists contended that being forced to provide the abortion-inducing drugs would violate their faith, as well as their oath to “do no