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FIRST IN THE FIGHT: Top Battlefronts for Religious Liberty in 2018

Courtroom showdowns over the next 12 months could be the turning point for religious liberty in America. January 12, 2018

An ancient war proverb advises, “Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy’s purpose.” Victory comes from studying opponents carefully, anticipating and calculating their moves. The lesson behind that old saying still rings true in today’s fight for religious freedom. Looking back on First Liberty’s key

An Ugly National Purge? Protecting America’s Veterans Memorials from Destruction

A determined and courageous battle cry to keep veterans memorials standing tall, “Don’t Tear Me Down!” January 12, 2018

Are radical groups trying to erase the legacy of brave Americans who have served in the military? Americans go to great lengths to honor the fallen heroes who fought to defend freedom. In recent years, however, anti-religion extremists have targeted veterans and war memorials across the country, fixated on altering

VICTORY! Churches Affected By Hurricanes Now Eligible to Receive Federal Assistance

After appealing to the Trump Administration, First Liberty secures victory for Texas and Florida churches impacted by 2017 hurricanes. January 5, 2018

They have not been forgotten. Months after being ravaged by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, First Liberty clients Trinity Church, Church on the Rock Katy and Grace Community Church – and hundreds of other affected houses of worship – are starting the New Year with hope and optimism. On January 2,

Justice Denied! Appeals Court Orders Oregon Bakers to Pay Crippling Penalty

Court rules against Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who lost their family business for not making same-sex wedding cake. January 5, 2018

Yet again, has government overreach completely spoiled the joy and expectation of good things to come in the New Year? First Liberty clients Aaron and Melissa Klein are left wondering whether 2018 will be the year when justice is finally served. Last week, the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a

TOP 4: Threats to Your Religious Liberty in 2018

Courtroom attacks in these four areas threaten your religious freedom this upcoming year. December 28, 2017

As 2017 closes, America finds itself at a tipping point, with the stakes for religious freedom at an all-time high. Not only will the results affect the religious rights of millions of citizens in the present era, they are likely to have a long and lasting impact on the religious

CHRISTMAS STALKINGS: Defending Religious Liberty from Holiday Attacks

As Christmas approaches, First Liberty is ready to respond to opponents’ attempts to put a muzzle on religious expression. December 22, 2017

Will Americans be strong-armed into taking down their lights and nativity scenes early this year? Imagine a holiday season without the golden glimmer of decorative wreaths, the aroma of fresh-cut pine trees, or the sweet melodies of children caroling. Is it possible that anti-religion groups could soon target these joyful