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Continued Over-Reach in California

May 27, 2020

Kelly Shackelford joins Shannon Bream to discuss the ongoing government overreach in California as churches throughout the state ban together in opposition of Governor Gavin Newsome’s most recent order restricting in-person services.

Last Friday, President Trump declared in-person church services and religious gatherings as being “essential”.

For many, the hope was that his words and promised action this past Friday would help put a stop to governments’ over-reach and abuse of power in key hotspots, like Illinois, New Jersey and California – and immediately end this “constitutional crisis.”

Just how bad is this crisis? And what are the long-term implications for religious liberty if we continue under the guise of this “new normal”?

To help unmask these “hidden” truths, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz will be joining Kelly Shackelford on First Liberty Live! this Thursday at Noon.

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