Kountze Cheerleaders Win: Other Cheerleaders at Risk

May 8, 2014


Liberty Institute Reacts To Decision From Beaumont Court Of Appeals

KOUNTZE, TX, May 8, 2014—In response to today’s decision by the Beaumont Court of Appeals in Kountze ISD v. Matthews, Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of Liberty Institute issues the following statement:

“The district court and our state’s leading lawyers and officials, such as Attorney General Abbott, former Attorney General John Cornyn, former Solicitor General Ted Cruz and former Solicitor General Jim Ho, all agree that the school district violated the cheerleaders’ constitutional freedoms and religious liberties, and granted them relief for that reason.   The Court of Appeals did not disagree with any of that.  While we are grateful we have won on behalf of these cheerleaders and their right to quote the Bible in their school district, why shouldn’t future cheerleaders in Kountze and other school districts receive the same protection?”

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Case overview information here

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