Liberty Institute Applauds Gov. Jindal’s Address on Religious Liberty

February 20, 2014


Last week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal delivered an important speech at Ronald Reagan’s presidential library, in which he warned attendees of a “silent war” on religious liberty.

“The American people, whether they know it or not, are mired in a silent war,” Jindal said. “It threatens the fabric of our communities, the health of our public square and the endurance of our constitutional governance.”

“This war is waged in our courts and in the halls of political power,” he continued. “It is pursued with grim and relentless determination by a group of like-minded elites, determined to transform the country from a land sustained by faith into a land where faith is silenced, privatized and circumscribed.

Liberty Institute is pleased that Gov. Jindal took such a public stand on one of the most critical issues facing America today.

Liberty Institute sees the attacks everyday, and we have a 99 percent win-rate in religious liberty cases across the nation, including defeating groups like the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and other anti-religious groups.

“Gov. Jindal has put his finger on an issue at the very heart of this country,” said Liberty Institute President & CEO Kelly Shackelford.  “The unprecedented and increased attacks on religious freedom must be confronted and stopped. Religious freedom was called our ‘First Freedom’ by the Founders of this country for a reason. If a nation’s citizens lose their religious freedom, then they will lose ALL their freedoms.”

Gov. Jindal’s warning is fully confirmed by Liberty Institute’s landmark study UNDENIABLE: The Survey of Hostility to Religion, 2013 edition.

The study is compilation of almost 1,200 documented incidents of religious bigotry that have occurred throughout the country – most in the past five years.

Download your free copy of UNDENIABLE here, and please consider a gift today to help us defend and restore religious freedom throughout the U.S. At a time when attacks on religious liberty are increasing at an unprecedented rate, your help has never been more crucial.

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