Liberty Institute Continues Opposing Latest Version of San Antonio Ordinance as First Amendment Violation

September 3, 2013


Attorneys Urge City of San Antonio to Protect the Religious Liberty Rights of Individuals
and Organizations with Religious Objections

SAN ANTONIO, TX, September 3, 2013— Today, Liberty Institute submitted a second letter to the City of San Antonio in response to the City’s revised “anti-discrimination” ordinance proposal. Liberty Institute President and CEO Kelly Shackelford made the following statement:

“In its present state, the Proposed Ordinance is a cloudy and confusing collection of poorly thought and conflicting statements. The Proposed Ordinance could be made much more clearly by simply including a broad religious liberty exemption to protect the free speech and religious liberty rights of both individuals and organizations that have religious objections to the requirements mandated by the Proposed Ordinance.”

Liberty Institute attorneys warn that it is unconstitutional for any government, including the San Antonio City Council, to prohibit the free exercise of religion and to make it a “thought crime” to hold traditional biblical views on sexuality. Click here to view the most recent letter submitted to San Antonio’s mayor and city council.

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