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Opinion: What Accounts for the New Attack on Christian Schools?

February 11, 2019

By: Chelsey Youman, Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute

You may have noticed that private Christian schools are suddenly under immense criticism. Starting with the announcement that Second Lady Karen Pence returned to a teaching job at a Christian school in Virginia, followed almost immediately by controversy over students from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky, there is a sudden frenzy over the existence of religious schools.

One opinion contributor warned in the Huffington Post, “Too many religious schools at all levels regulate the personal conduct of their employees and students, restrict the books teachers can assign or students can read, and demand fealty to narrow constructions of religious identity, while enshrining bigotry into their bylaws.” Another reporter tweeted for help on a story about the dangers of Christian education: “I’m a New York Times reporter writing about #exposechristianschools. Are you in your 20s or younger who went to a Christian school? I’d like to hear about your experience and its impact on your life.”

Why this new outcry against private Christian schools? What are the schools’ offenses? Shockingly, Christian schools have been “exposed” for teaching the same principles Christians have practiced and taught for millennia.

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