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Statement Regarding Coach Joe Kennedy

September 6, 2023

Press Statement
For Immediate Release: 9.6.23
Contact: Peyton Luke,
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Statement Regarding Coach Joe Kennedy

Plano, TX — The following statement regarding Coach Joe Kennedy may be attributed to Hiram Sasser, Executive General Counsel at First Liberty Institute:

“We have come to learn of serious allegations of retaliation against Coach Kennedy by the Bremerton school district.  They’ve done everything they can to make him feel unwelcome.  We are going to investigate the situation to determine whether further legal action is necessary.”

Here is the text of Coach Kennedy’s resignation letter:

Coach T, It has been an honor to serve as Assistant Football Coach once again at Bremerton. After an 8-year fight, I am thankful to have been able to offer a prayer of thanks following the season opener this past Friday night.

Taking the field again and offering a prayer is all I wanted. I take pride in persisting until that goal was accomplished.

However, it is apparent that the reinstatement ordered by the Supreme Court will not be fully followed after a series of actions meant to diminish my role and single me out in what I can only believe is retaliation by the school district. Therefore, I am tendering my immediate resignation.

Bremerton’s football coaches, players, and parents have been such a blessing. I feel it is in everyone’s best interest I step back from coaching.

This resignation is bittersweet. I love the Bremerton community and these fine young men. I have so many friends and family here. It is home.

However, in these last few years, we’ve had to relocate to take care of a family member who is in declining health. We recently learned of an additional complication just last week. This necessitates our return to Florida.

I wish the people of Bremerton and especially the kids I got to know recently all the best. I’m cheering for you from the stands.

Semper Fi,

Joe Kennedy

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