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VICTORY! Chaplain Cleared of Wrongdoing in Same-Sex Discrimination Case

August 24, 2018

The Army has exonerated a decorated Fort Bragg Army chaplain and his assistant after they were accused of discrimination against a same-sex couple.

Chaplain Scott Squires and Chaplain Assistant Kacie Griffin had been facing “dereliction of duty” charges for declining to lead a marriage retreat that included a same-sex couple.

“We are grateful that the Army has rejected and abandoned these baseless charges,” First Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry told the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“The United States military is no place for anti-religious hostility against its own military chaplains,” said Berry, who is representing both the chaplain and the assistant. “Chaplains like Scott Squires and Kacie Griffin do not have to give up their First Amendment rights in order to serve their fellow soldiers.”

Chaplain Squires, in a statement, said he looks forward to resuming his military career and serving his fellow soldiers.

“I am eternally grateful to First Liberty for covering my six and fighting to restore my religious liberty,” he said.

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