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October 6, 2023
Around the Institute Golf Outing 2023 | First Liberty Insider

A weekly roundup of important headlines and exciting things happening at First Liberty.

Fox News @ Night: Coach Freeze Has a Right to Live Out His Faith

Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys appeared on Fox News. He discussed recent attacks on Auburn football Coach Hugh Freeze because he went to a worship event on campus. We’re defending Coach Freeze’s right to live out his faith and support students.

Jeremy was accompanied by Tonya Prewitt, who led the Unite Auburn worship gathering last month.

The Military Punishes Speech It Doesn’t Like

Senior Counsel Danielle Runyan wrote an op-ed for The Daily Caller discussing our recent federal lawsuit on behalf of Major Jace Yarbrough. Air Force officials are punishing him for something he said in his civilian capacity at a private retirement ceremony. Runyan writes:

“DoD’s punishment of Mr. Yarbrough is but one example in the federal government’s broader campaign to squelch dissent…There is no question that it is illegal and entirely un-American for the federal government to quash Constitutionally protected viewpoints, even if the speaker is a reservist in the military, and we look forward to Mr. Yarbrough being vindicated for expressing personal opinions that are consistent with the Air Force’s core values.”

If Presidents Can Recite Bible Verses, Why Can’t a Peoria School Board Member?

Senior Counsel Andy Gould wrote an op-ed for The Arizona Republic discussing our recent lawsuit on behalf of Peoria school board member Heather Rooks. She’s being told she can’t quote Scripture during her time for remarks. Gould writes:

“Since the founding of our republic, elected officials have quoted sacred texts while carrying out their duties. But now, an Arizona school board member’s brief recitation of scripture at board meetings has made her the target of outside activist groups, who have harassed her with complaints, accusations and threats of legal action….In her official capacity as a Peoria school board member, Rooks — like former presidents Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and others — exercised her First Amendment right that protects the freedom of all Americans to quote a sacred text in any public or private setting.”

Busy Month Ahead: Please Keep Praying for Our Clients and Attorneys

October will be a tremendously busy month at First Liberty. We have many legal battles all levels, from local schoolboards all the way to the federal courts of appeals. Please continue to pray for every one of our clients, as well as all the attorneys and staff working diligently on these cases.

Breaking, New Cases:

Major Ongoing Cases:

These are just a handful of cases. We are fighting so many more crucial battles. But please keep these in your prayers this week. There’s a lot of work ahead. First Liberty appreciates your prayers, encouragement and support.

The Battle Is Not Over | First Liberty Insider

Team Outing: Recharging and Preparing for the Battles to Come

Our team had a special opportunity this week to spend time with one another outside the office. We set aside one morning to go golfing together.

As you’ll often hear us say: We are ONE team, united in ONE purpose and ONE mission to protect religious freedom for you, your children, grandchildren and all Americans. Amidst all the work we’re doing and the intense battles we’re fighting, this was a much-welcomed time to refresh, renew and bond as a team.

First Liberty Golf Outing 2023

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