Success Strategy

To those troubled by the rapid decline of religious freedom in America, First Liberty is the legal organization that offers the greatest hope for victory.

 As the largest legal firm in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious freedom for all in America, First Liberty Institute holds an unparalleled victory rate. We offer free legal assistance to those who are facing attacks on their religious liberty rights.

First Liberty has participated in numerous cases before the United States Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, federal district courts and various state courts, and we win more than 90 percent of our legal matters.

Our Unique Model

First Liberty’s innovative strategy for victory consists of three components that set us apart from other legal firms and non-profit organizations:

  1. Exclusive Dedication to Religious Liberty

    First Liberty Institute recognizes that we will make the biggest difference in the battle for religious freedom if we make protecting religious freedom for all in America our sole focus.

  2. Our Strategic Four-Part Emphasis

    First Liberty works on a national level, working to protect religious freedom for all in America in four key areas:

    This four-pronged emphasis allows our protection of religious liberty to span every area where one might face hostility to religion.

  3. Our Unique Network Attorney Model

    First Liberty employs a unique legal strategy. Our attorneys partner with lawyers from some of the most established law firms in the nation on virtually every case. Often making over $1,000 per hour, these elite attorneys volunteer their time to defend our clients pro bono. This innovative strategy allows our clients to be represented by the nation’s top lawyers at no cost.

    Our network attorneys’ expertise, combined with the experience and dedication of our staff attorneys, has led First Liberty to achieve an unparalleled victory rate.

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