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Legal-Ease: Why the Constitution Matters Now More Than Ever

September 27, 2019 • Photos & Video

Today, there are a lot of people who like to blame the Constitution for many of our nation’s “problems.” But the truth is, our Constitution is not the problem—it’s the solution. Lathan Watts tells you why in the latest edition of Legal-Ease.

The Washington Examiner

When senators ask a nominee about their religious beliefs, they should give this simple answer

February 20, 2019 • In the News

By: Kelly Shackelford, President, CEO and Chief Counsel for First Liberty Institute Democratic senators have a new habit of asking judicial and executive branch nominees about their religious beliefs during confirmation hearings. Asking such questions violates the spirit, if not the letter, of Article VI of the Constitution. Future nominees should […]

The Daily Wire

DYS: How To Respond To A Religious Test For Office

February 18, 2019 • In the News

By: Jeremy Dys, Deputy General Counsel for First Liberty Institute Every citizen of legal age is qualified to serve in government. The Constitution contemplates that we ought to be self-governed by diverse, citizen lawmakers. When senators wag their fingers at nominees and attempt — with not a little incredulity — to […]

Kansas woman who claimed police told her to stop praying in her home fights court ruling

Fox News via Christian Post
October 5, 2016 • In the News

Mary Anne Sause, a Louisburg, Kansas, woman who says she was ordered by local police to stop praying in her home and told that a copy of the Constitution she showed them was “just a piece of paper,” has appealed a district court’s ruling that officers did not violate her First Amendment. Read full article »

Government officials tell Mary Anne Sause to stop praying in her own home.

Police Tell Woman She Cannot Pray in Her Home, Threaten Her With Arrest

Ms. Mary Anne Sause files appeal in the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, claiming police violated her First Amendment rights, telling her the Constitution is “just a piece of paper”
September 29, 2016 • Press Releases

Louisburg, Kan. – Law firms First Liberty Institute and Gibson Dunn filed a brief in the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit on Wednesday on behalf of Ms. Mary Anne Sause, a Catholic former nurse, who was told by police that she could not pray in her own home. […]

The Constitution protects women-only swim hours for Orthodox Jewish women (and others)

Daily News
July 26, 2016 • In the News

Built in 1922, the Department of Public Works hoped its indoor pool would help promote public health and serve the entire Williamsburg community — a community heavily populated with members of the Orthodox Jewish faith. Read full article »

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