Washington Examiner

25 Years of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

December 10, 2018 • In the News

By: Keisha Russell, Associate Counsel with First Liberty Institute Much has changed in the 25 years since the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, was enacted. It was the fall of 1993, when Democratic President Bill Clinton signed RFRA into law. Few questioned its necessity. RFRA was introduced in the House by […]

National Review

Against the ‘Coercive Elimination of Dissent’

November 16, 2018 • In the News

Wedding cakes at a bakery in West Hollywood, Calif., in 2008. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters) By: Jeremy Dys & Mike Berry, Deputy General Counsel Another wedding-cake case, this time in Oregon, where the state has punished two bakers for their refusal to lend their services to a same-sex wedding. Americans are grappling with how to […]

The Washington Examiner

The Supreme Court has another chance to defend free speech

November 5, 2018 • In the News

By: Kelly Shackelford, First Liberty Institute President and CEO. Although the Supreme Court’s recent Masterpiece Cakeshop decision reinforced the principle that government must not be hostile towards religion, it left many American business owners with more questions than answers, especially about cases where art, expression, and speech intersect with daily […]

February 2017 – Bakers Who Lost Their Bakery For Not Making Same-Sex Wedding Cake Will Have Day in Court

Oregon Court of Appeals will hear the Klein case on March 2; press conference will be held immediately following hearing
February 28, 2017 • Press Releases

WHAT: Aaron and Melissa Klein owned and operated a family bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, in Gresham, Oregon. In 2013, a woman asked the Kleins to make a cake for her same-sex wedding. Aaron and Melissa had served the woman before, but as devout Christians, they believed that participating in […]

Oregon Bakers Reply to Government Brief: Don’t Compel People to Celebrate Causes That Violate Their Beliefs

September 8, 2016 • Press Releases

Portland, Ore. – Today, First Liberty Institute and Boyden Gray, former White House Counsel for President George H. W. Bush, filed a reply brief with the Oregon Court of Appeals on behalf of Aaron and Melissa Klein. The Oregon couple was fined $135,000 and lost their bakery for running their […]

Oregon bakery continues to fight bias ruling that shut it down

World Magazine
March 4, 2016 • In the News

The Kleins are now appealing the administrative ruling with the help of attorney Jeremy Dys of First Liberty. Read full article »

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