Light of the World Gospel Ministries

Daniela Barce Interview | First Liberty

Generic Jesus? Why NY Teen Fought and Won for Her Faith At School

February 26, 2020 • Photos & Video

In this exclusive video, watch FLI’s Counsel, Keisha Russell, and our team talk with Daniela Barca in more detail about her desire to live out her faith by starting a club.

How Our Presidents Felt About Religious Liberty | First Liberty

Legal-Ease: How Our Presidents Felt About Religious Liberty

February 17, 2020 • Photos & Video

The story of Presidents’ Day dates back to the earliest days of our republic. After Washington’s death in 1799, his February 22 birthday would become the iconic day of remembrance.

Hannah Allen in the Oval Office | First Liberty

First Liberty Clients Participate in Oval Office Ceremony with President Trump

January 16, 2020 • Photos & Video

In this exclusive video, watch as Hannah shares her story with the president, and recounts how First Liberty defended her constitutional right to pray with friends during lunch hour after she was ordered to stop and “go behind a curtain” by school officials.

First Liberty | Pastor Paul

Small-Town Nebraska Church Stands Strong Amidst Fierce Religious Hostility

December 26, 2019 • Photos & Video

First Liberty defends the vibrant, multi-ethnic congregation of Light of the World Ministries from unlawful discrimination by local government officials in the Village of Walthill, Nebraska.

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