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Persecution in Texas? Dallas officials fight to block Orthodox Jews from worshiping

April 30, 2018

Should a meeting place for people who don’t drive be required to have parking?

An Orthodox Jewish congregation has been in litigation with the city of Dallas for years after a neighbor complained about their meetings, and now officials have a new excuse for infringing on their religious freedom.

Members of Congregation Toras Chaim live close together in the same community because their Orthodox faith doesn’t let them drive on the Sabbath, and they’ve been meeting in a Dallas neighborhood since 2011. But even though all of the members are required by their faith to walk to the meeting, the Dallas Board of Adjustment is refusing to lift a parking requirement.

Jeremy Dys and Chelsey Youman of First Liberty, a nonprofit that fights to protect religious freedom around the country, sat down in the studio today to talk about the hostility and harassment that Congregation Toras Chaim has faced.

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