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Religious Liberty Law Firm Responds to Greenville, MS Mayor’s Statement Reaffirming His Order Threatening Churches

April 13, 2020

News Release
For Immediate Release: 4.13.20
Contact: Lacey McNiel,
Direct: 972-941-4453

The following response to comments made today by Greenville, MS Mayor Errick Simmons at a press conference, affirming his order threatening churches that hold drive-in services, may be attributed to Jeremy Dys, Special Counsel for Litigation and Communications at First Liberty Institute:

“Mayor Simmons was repeatedly pressed about whether churches who abide by CDC guidelines and host drive-in church will face the specter of the police arriving on scene to disperse those peaceably assembled in worship. Rather than reassure his churches that this will not happen, the mayor reaffirmed his unlawful order, renewed the city’s commitment to enforcing it, and defended the decision of police to ticket people just because their car sat on a church parking lot. The mayor continues to single out and target the churches of Greenville.”

First Liberty represents Pastor Charleston Hamilton and King James Bible Baptist Church in Greenville.


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