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Secretary of the Air Force Restores Career of Decorated Air Force Colonel Punished for Religious Beliefs

April 5, 2018

Washington, D.C.— After receiving First Liberty Institute’s appeal, as well as correspondence from Members of Congress, the Secretary of the Air Force today announced that it reversed the unfavorable decision of an Air Force Equal Opportunity investigator against decorated Air Force Colonel Leland Bohannon, clearing his name, and fully restoring his service record.

The following statement may be attributed to Hiram Sasser, General Counsel for First Liberty Institute:

“We are very pleased that Secretary Wilson protected the religious liberty of Col. Bohannon. This is clear evidence that the Trump administration is helping to right the ship at the Pentagon. However, we must remember that at every level of the government there are bureaucrats who actively resist President Trump’s efforts to preserve and protect religious freedom. We must do whatever we can to support the administration in this fight.”

In a letter to Representative Vicki Hartzler, Secretary Wilson stated that Col. Bohannon had the “right to exercise his sincerely held and did not discriminate” when his faith prevented him from personally signing an optional, unofficial spouse appreciation certificate for the same-sex spouse of one of his retiring subordinates, even though a two-star general agreed to sign the form in his place. First Liberty hopes that this will lead to increased clarity for commanders responsible for protecting the religious liberty of all service members.

To download a copy of this press release, click here.

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