First Freedom Day: A Day to Celebrate and Give Generously

June 21, 2024
First Freedom Day 2024 | FLI Insider

Jorge Gomez • 5 min read

Tuesday, June 25th is First Freedom Day!

Join us this Tuesday as we celebrate our historic success at the nation’s highest court.

This is a special day of giving and generosity. It’s your opportunity to build momentum for the resurgence of religious freedom we’re seeing nationwide thanks to our Supreme Court victories.

For this second annual celebration, we’ll be bringing you special messages from First Liberty clients including Professor Johnson Varkey, Coach Joe Kennedy, members of our legal team and staff, and even a special episode of First Liberty Live.

Click here to learn how you can be part of the celebration on June 25!

First Liberty Insider | First Freedom Day 2024

From the military to our children’s schools, houses of worship, charities, businesses and the marketplace, our local veterans’ memorials and our neighborhoods, Americans are experiencing more religious freedom than we’ve had in than 50 years.

How is this possible? Because of First Liberty’s precedent-setting Supreme Court wins in our Coach Kennedy, Faithful Carrier, Treat Children Fairly and Bladensburg Peace Cross cases.

Thanks to these wins, decades of bad precedent have been overturned and the future of religious freedom is brighter than ever before.

However, the fight for faith and religious liberty is far from over.

First Liberty is handling an increasing number of legal cases and requests for help. There are many challenges ahead, but we also have incredible opportunities to secure more victories and leave a legacy of freedom for our children and grandchildren.

We’re in the midst of an intense battle to protect religious workers from woke cancel culture.

It’s hard to deny that a hostile corporate culture is wreaking havoc on religious employees. People are scared to live out their faith out of fear of being harassed or even fired.

Our clients like Valerie Kloosterman, Lacey Smith, and Ron Hittle lost their jobs because of their religious beliefs. We’re fighting for them and for religious employees across the country, and we need your help to win their cases.

If you scan recent headlines, you’ll be shocked to see how many pastors and religious leaders in America are being persecuted for their faith.

This year, we’ve seen a resurgence in attacks against houses of worship, pastors and rabbis. Many are being punished for doing what houses of worship and congregations are called to do—feed the hungry, give shelter to people who have nowhere to go, or simply open their doors to the most vulnerable in their community.

Right now, our clients Pastor Chris Avell of Dad’s Place, Pastor Jose Castro, Pastor Howard Kaloogian, Pastor Mike Polhemus, Rabbi Levi Gerlitzky and Rabbi Naftaly Hertzel all need your continued support to win their legal battles.

We have a $500,000 Challenge Grant that will multiply the impact of your gift if you donate on First Freedom Day, or any day before June 30th.

Our clients don’t pay a dime for receiving top-class representation from our attorneys. Your support helps us defend Americans, meet the challenges ahead and continue winning the fight for religious freedom.

Join First Liberty by giving on First Freedom Day.

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