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July 14, 2023
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Attorney Stephanie Taub Speaks on Federalist Society Panel, Labor & Employment Law Practice Group

First Liberty Senior Counsel Stephanie Taub recently participated in a Federalist Society webinar titled Courthouse Steps Decision: Groff v. DeJoy. She, along with other employment law experts, discussed the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in our Faithful Carrier case, which strengthened protections for religious accommodation in the workplace. Watch below:

Supreme Court’s Decision in Groff v. DeJoy Vindicates Thurgood Marshall

 In an op-ed for The Washington Times, First Liberty Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys writes:

“After 45 years, the U.S. Supreme Court has vindicated Justice Thurgood Marshall and restored religious liberty to the workplace…In Groff, the Supreme Court has compelled employers to be active partners in finding a way for the entire business to prosper while respecting the religion of their employees and coworkers. And, so, Justice Thurgood Marshall finds himself vindicated. No longer are we a poorer nation for having wrongly put employees to the choice of their job or their faith.”

Supreme Court’s Groff Decision Is a Wake-Up Call for Corporate America

 In an op-ed for Newsweek, First Liberty Executive General Counsel Hiram Sasser writes:

“In the final days of its most recent term, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court strengthened religious liberty in the workplace when it decided in favor of Gerald Groff, a former United States Postal Service employee who sought a religious accommodation to honor the Sabbath. This is a landmark victory, not only for Gerald but for millions of Americans. And it’s a huge wake-up call…corporate America had better be ready.”

Restoring Faith in America: First Liberty Helps Georgia City Update Invocation Policy

We’re happy to report another win for our Restoring Faith in America campaign, this time in the city of Lula, Georgia, a small town northeast of Atlanta. First Liberty advised the city in creating and implementing an invocation policy consistent with the Constitution. Lula modified its policies to allow for a chaplain to give an invocation at the start of each of its city council meetings. Senior Counsel Roger Byron and Of Counsel Matt Krause worked with the city to implement its policy.

As Roger explains: “Invocations before city council meetings are completely constitutional. They’re part of our nation’s longstanding history and tradition of beginning government sessions with prayer.”

We stepped in to help after the city received a complaint from a single resident, who said the city council’s prayer practice violated the Establishment Clause. The American Civil Liberties Union also took note of this complaint and sent representatives to observe a city council meeting.

After decades of hostility to religion, the tide is finally turning and the future of religious freedom is brighter than ever before. God continues to open doors for all Americans to express their faith, and it is up to us to walk through it. This victory is one of many continuing examples of how faith is being restored all across America.

First Liberty | Restoring Faith in America

First Liberty Attorney Joins Coalition Letter to Investigate “Woke” Military Policies

First Liberty Vice President of External Affairs and Senior Counsel Mike Berry joined a coalition letter urging Senators to investigate “woke” military policies. Air Force General Charles Q. Brown, Jr. was nominated to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In preparation for his confirmation hearing on July 11, a coalition of current and former military members sent a letter to the Senate urging senators to question General Brown on his stance on woke policies in the military, such as DEI initiatives.

Read the letter here.

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