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February 2, 2024
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The ‘Case Being Heard Around the Country’: Legal Battle for Bryan, Ohio Church Featured on Front Page of USA Today

On Wednesday, USA Today’s print edition featured First Liberty’s case involving Pastor Chris Avell of Dad’s Place Church in Bryan, Ohio. It was on the front page above the fold. Check it out below:

2024 01 31 Usa Today

This case is getting national attention, and rightly so. What’s happening in Bryan, Ohio is outrageous. Hostile city officials are harassing this church…for well…being the church. The pastor faces criminal charges for keeping Dad’s Place open 24/7 to serve and minster to anyone who needs it. That’s wrong, illegal and it shouldn’t happen in our country.

We’re representing Dad’s Place Church in federal court. No pastor or church in America should be punished for simply doing what houses of worship throughout history have done: care for those who walk through their doors. We’ll keep you updated on this case.

CVS Fired Another Nurse Practitioner for Her Religious Beliefs

First Liberty is fighting in federal court on behalf of Gunna Kristofersdottir, a nurse practitioner fired for her religious beliefs.

She worked for CVS MinuteClinic in Tequesta, Florida. For over seven years, the company granted her religious accommodation from prescribing any medication for the purpose of pregnancy prevention. On the rare occasion a patient asked for such a prescription, she referred them to another CVS MinuteClinic provider who satisfied the request.

In August 2021, CVS abruptly announced it was revoking all religious accommodations that allowed providers to refrain from providing pregnancy prevention services. In March 2022, the company fired Gunna.

Attorney Stephanie Taub and Gunna appeared on Fox News this week discussing the case:

Meet Our Legal Team Leaders

At First Liberty, we’re working as one team, united in one purpose: to see religious liberty fully protected in the law, respected, and flourishing in America.

Our legal work is divided into five different practice areas: We’re defending religious freedom in (1) schools and education, (2) houses of worship and ministries, (3) the marketplace, (4) the military and (5) the public arena. Pictured below is our President, CEO and Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford, surrounded by the top-notch lawyers who are leading these departments.

I sure wouldn’t want to run into one of them in court!

Fli Practice Group Leaders

Pictured left to right:

Mike Berry, Military Practice Group Chair | Lea Patterson, Public Arena Practice Group Chair | Jeremy Dys, Houses of Worship & Ministries Practice Group Chair | Kelly Shackelford, President, CEO & Chief Counsel | Stephanie Taub, Marketplace Practice Group Chair | Justin Butterfield, Education Practice Group Chair

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