Thanks To You: First Liberty Celebrates A Record-Setting Year in 2018

November 19, 2018
Thanks to You | First Liberty

If there’s one word that could summarize what you have meant to First Liberty over the course of this year, it would be impact.

No matter how bold the effort, or how much passion, tenacity and persistence we fight with on behalf of our clients on a day-in and day-out basis, all our effort falls short unless we can deliver the victories.

And deliver we did.

But this year’s incredible string of critical case wins are only possible because of YOU, whose support and commitment ensure that our legal team can continue to lead the fight for our most foundational freedoms.

That’s why we want to express our gratitude to you for standing strong with us through some of the toughest battles. Thank you for helping to provide us with all of the vast and best resources necessary to win these urgent legal matters. These cases will have an impact on our country for generations to come.

Here’s quick look at a few things we’ve achieved in 2018, and why we’re thankful for you:

A Big Supreme Court Victory

Thanks to you, our attorneys secured a stunning 9-0 summary reversal this summer for Mary Anne Sause, in which all 9 Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, in an unsigned opinion, reaffirmed the constitutional right of Americans to pray in their own homes.

Record Number of Judges Confirmed to Our Federal Courts

Thousands of you joined First Liberty from the very start in our effort to confirm conservative, textualist judges to our nation’s federal courts. And with your support, we capitalized on this unique opportunity. In fact, today, you now have 86 principled, originalist judges with rock solid judicial records confirmed to our appellate and district courts. Not to mention, with your support and that of thousands of other Americans, we led the charge to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, an excellent judge, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Winning at the Texas Supreme Court to Defend Students’ Free Speech

For years, you’ve stuck through thick and thin with the Kountze, TX cheerleaders after school district officials banned them from showing Bible verses on their run-through banners. And in 2018 alone, we delivered two decisive blows to these officials, as we won two times at the Texas Supreme Court, including a final victory, and made it clear that students have a right to freely express their faith.

Winning Back the Rights and Freedoms for Decorated Service Members

You and thousands of other patriots joined forces to stop “deep state” officials from trampling on the rights and freedoms of those who serve in our military. You spoke out demanding that these officials be held accountable for anti-religious bias, and that’s what made the key difference for First Liberty to restore the rights – and protect the careers – of distinguished service members like Colonel Leland Bohannon, Chaplain Scott Squires, and Staff Sergeant Kacie Griffin.

Raising Up a New Generation of Freedom Fighters

When it comes to generational impact, First Liberty’s Fellowship rises to the top. By investing in the next generation of religious freedom fighters, you continue to raise up the next wave of leaders who earnestly carry the mantle of defending our first freedom. Thanks to your support, this year’s 3rd Annual First Liberty Fellowship in Washington, D.C. featured our largest participating class ever, and brought together the nation’s top religious freedom experts and speakers to inspire and equip these young leaders of tomorrow.

Looking back on these achievements, First Liberty’s attorneys and staff all want to say thank you, because without you, it wouldn’t be possible to do what we do.

Today, we have many reasons to celebrate, so thank you for standing strong with First Liberty. We urge you to stay the course with us, as there are still many religious freedom battles on the horizon that have yet to be won, including our cases now at the Supreme Court and the many cases we have below in other courts. We may not know exactly what’s coming around the bend, but we’re excited to meet these challenges– and your support will help assure that we achieve victory.

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